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Bad Car Fuse 30 Amp Box - If your car's accessories are shutting off on their own or you find a black fuse, you should inspect the car's fuses and replace broken ones. Our certified technicians can come to you and diagnose the problem. You will receive a $30 credit towards any follow-up repairs that result from the diagnostic.. Inspect the fuse box, or power center, located under the hood, often very near the battery. It has a black plastic lid and houses all the main power breakers. Remove the cover and inspect the fuses, circuit breakers and relays.. Feb 18, 2014  · It's fairly easy to tell if a car fuse is blown. Is the metal bar connected or is it separated? If it's separated then it's a blown fuse, if it's connected it's good..

How to Detect and Replace a Blown Fuse. February 27, 2012. Locating Your Car's Fuse Box fuse. If you replace it with a lower amperage fuse, it might not be enough power to work your electronics. Common fuses include 15 amp, 20 amp and 30 amp. Related Articles. How to. i have a Saturn L200 i changed 30 amp fuse in engin fuse box with new one, it will not work, i switched with different fuse in row of fuse windows work, do fusesneed to be formatted or somettihg, new fuse wont work in any slot i even bought the fuse at a GM dealer the parts guy said MAKE APT.TO HAVE CAR LOOKED AT .. Sep 14, 2018  · Regarding car fuses, most cars use a colored 'blade' type fuse, and looking at the top of the fuse in situ in the fuse box will show that the metal strip that runs along the visible top of the fuse will either be intact (fuse good) or broken (fuse blown)..

The reason that you should avoid connecting an amp to the fuse box inside your car, and especially never connect to an existing circuit or fuse, is that your amp is almost certainly going to draw more amperage than the wiring in your fuse box is designed to carry.. Touch one side of the fuses and then the other. If the meter reads voltage on one side, but not the other, the fuse is bad. If neither side reads voltage, the circuit is not active. the fuse is good. Pulling a fuse out of the box to check it has many disadvantages. Seeing some blown fuses is difficult and a bad fuse may seem good.

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